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3 Steps to Less Stress with Teens - Get Your FREE booklet.

This is what teens love to do more than anything else (at least most of them) - hang out with their friends, especially with their besties for eternity. Since this is not possible in many to most places these days, teens and tweens are suffering mightily as so very much of what feeds their hearts and souls is not available or even permissible.

Most teens also need time alone, time to process and integrate, dream and yes, do nothing. What looks to the naked adult eye like idleness and, dare we say, laziness, is actually a major construction site. But how do you tell the difference between this and depression, anxiety, or worrisome loneliness?

Do not be fooled by what may seem to be a distancing from you as a parent. They are just doing what they need to do and they still need you very much. Some parents make the mistake of taking the "Go away" signs on the bedroom door and other eye-rolling and You're-so-annoying-and-stupid-and-embarrassing tone of voice as a not so subtle hint to step back, but don't buy the whole thing. They need you just as much as they ever have, just not like you've been doing, and they are giving you some clues about how to parent them differently than you have until this point.

But who was expecting and all set to have their tweens and teens home 24/7 and to have to do home office too?!! Oh, and you're worried about your parents and if they are safe during this crisis as well! And you are also missing your besties and siblings. Parenting a child this age nearly always has its special challenges which present us with endless opportunities for meeting our own edges and confronting the demons that have been hiding in the wings, but this seems like a bit too much.

So, besides the tools I've shared with you in previous blog posts, I'm offering you a free booklet on 3 Steps to Stress Less with Teens. Full transparency here - the link is set up so that you get it when you enter your e-mail. I aim to be very respectful of your time and energy and not flood your inbox with stuff you don't want, and if you don't want even the bit I do send, just unsubscribe. No hard feelings. No worries. You can always check in again when you feel like it. I simply want to support you.

And please do not hesitate to take me up on that offer for a FREE Calm in Corona Crisis Coaching Call. I mean it. I love doing these calls and people have found them helpful so far. Please do not try to handle all of this alone. Social distancing does not mean shutting out all support. Give yourself a break.

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