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A Safe Harbor in Stressful Times - FREE Creating Calm in Corona Coaching Call

I'm here to support you and am offering free 20-minute coaching calls to share simple techniques for easing anxiety and creating calm. Reserve your space here. Together we got this!

"Compassionate action starts with seeing yourself when you start to make yourself right and when you start to make yourself wrong. At that point, you could just contemplate the fact that there is a larger alternative to either of those, a more tender, shaky kind of place where you could live." Pema Chödrön

You really don't need to do this alone. You can call right now FOR FREE and get some support so you can use this time to grow. Yes, grow. Face down those demons of panic and do it gently but firmly. I want to support you to grow in a way that honors the whole of you, your fear and especially your courage. Reserve a time for yourself here or keep reading. As you like.

It's odd how the world has slowed down so much on the outside and yet, so many of us feel churned up inside. I hear from many of you that you are anxious and struggling with panic and fear. Since uncertainty is the archenemy of anxiety, it is truly no wonder that the very uncertain global situation is setting off waves of panic, loneliness, and depression. Many, if not most, of our usual markers and points of orientation have eroded and all but disappeared which can be very destabilizing.

Some people have lost their jobs, their end of senior year, their school or workplace while others seem to have more work than ever trying to cope with the demands of this pandemic. Either way, many people feel stressed. They may then feel guilty about being stressed because they are still healthy and believe they shouldn't make such a fuss.

That quote from the American Buddhist teacher Pema Chödrön landed in my inbox last week and seems quite fitting for this moment. It is very challenging to stay in this shaky place. For many, it is precisely this shakiness that incites panic and anxiety. I want to support you with that. The previous blog posts have provided just a few of the tools that can be applied to ease the panic enough so that one can dare to stick a toe into that shaky place and feel okay. Maybe not good, but also not panicky.

Granted this is much more difficult to do on your own or if you are around people who don't understand what you're going through. But together we can do it and with appropriate social distancing. That's why I am offering:

With PeaceWorks Mindfulness Coaching and really simple Somatic Experiencing practices, in just 20 minutes, I can share and practice some of these simple tools with you, so you can feel a sense of calm in the storm. It is so much easier to do this with support than to go it alone. You can reserve your 20 minutes now. I am confident that you can do this, that you can use this challenging situation to grow, to take on the panic and live more fully, being present to and stepping into this moment rather than running scared. And I am here to support you in doing this.

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