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Try these three simple things to feel calmer fast

You might be feeling anxious and scared these days, feeling disoriented and perhaps bereft. So much of what is usual and normal has fallen away. When we are anxious, we tend to feel rather like a boat on stormy waters without the proper instruments and tools to chart our course. We tend to tense up, to feel frightened and cast about for certainty. We also tend to be a bit disconnected from what is happening in our body and that is the place I want to start, for it is through the body that anxiety pulses and in the body is also the ability to find solid ground. You are not alone and it is normal to have such feelings right now. But it is uncomfortable and I know you don't want to stay there.

To that end. while I know a lot of possibilities, I wanted to listen to, read, and watch other experts in this area in order to cull some techniques to share with you for these very challenging times. I know that a lot of you feel frightened, overwhelmed, disoriented, and anxious.

So here are the first three things I'd like to share with you. I've tried and tested them on myself and with clients and they seem to be fairly fail-proof.

1. Butterfly Hug

This is said to originally come from EMDR, so perhaps you know it. It can be used by anyone of any age and in any place. Simply cross your arms and gently clasp your opposite upper arm. Now alternate tapping on or patting your arms slowly and count to about 25. Pause for a moment and notice how you are feeling in your body. Does your breathing change? Do you feel warmer or cooler? Does your throat, chest, belly feel tighter or more relaxed?

If that felt good, try again now or if and when you notice your anxiety and agitation rising again.

2. Really Feel the Contact

This one is also very simple and can help us begin to calm down easily. Sit on a chair with your feet on the floor if it is comfortable for you (no, it does not have to be such a solid uncozy one),

Now really fee the floor under your feet. Feel how the soles of your feet are in contact with the ground. Wiggle your toes.

Now feel your seat on the chair. Pull the chair towards your seat and press your seat into the chair.

As you become truly aware of what your body is in contact with, I suggest that you look around a bit and really notice what you are seeing.

Now take a moment to see if anything has shifted. Is your breathing a bit slower and deeper? Do you feel more aware of what's around you?

You can continue to do this, taking short pauses to check in and notice occasionally.

3. Noticing textures and colors

You may stay seated on the chair or stand and walk around. Look around you and notice ten different textures, including their color. Be sure to count, such as 1. f

eathers. pink, soft. soothing. 2. wool, blue and white pattern. thick. warm. scratchy. And

so on until 10. You may like to walk around and touch, smell, perhaps taste (if it is edible). All of this enhances the sensory experience.

I hope that at least one of these has helped you to feel a bit calmer. If even one of them helps a bit or you particularly enjoyed one, just repeat that one. Any of these can be appleid anywhere and at any time. In the car, at your desk. You can also share them with children who seem to especially enjoy them.

There are so many more I could share with you but I'll save those for a later post.

If you'd like a bit more support during this time, feel free to contact me for a FREE Creating Calm during Corona Coaching Call.

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